OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are working to identify a man caught on camera forcing several Whataburger employees into a freezer.  

Around 3 a.m. Tuesday, March 5, police say the robber leaped over the store’s front counter, startling employees.

911 Dispatcher: “Warr Acres 911.”

Caller: “I am the GM of Whataburger on NW Expressway and MacArthur. I need someone to go there now. I'm not sure if they're being robbed. They called me and told me to call 911.”

Just minutes prior to that call, employees were caught off guard.

After grabbing an employee by the back of his neck, the robber motioned over the entire staff one by one. As employees were ordered to get facedown, an elderly customer was also herded from the lobby to behind the counter.

The robber forced an employee to the back office, before emerging and ordering everyone into a freezer.

Two minutes later, the robber reappeared alone and left. 

After placing a call to their manager, employees, cold and scared, called 911 for help.

911 Dispatch: “Warr Acres 911.”

Caller: “Hi, we just got robbed, we're at the Whataburger.”

911 Dispatch: “I can barely hear you.”

Caller: “We are in the freezer.”

911 Dispatch: “I’m sorry, you're in the freezer and what's going on?”

Caller: “We just got robbed.”

Unsure if the armed robber was still inside, the employee made one more statement before the call goes silent.

Caller: “He has a gun.”

911 Dispatcher: “OK, tell me what the suspect looks like.”

911 Dispatcher: “Ma’am? Are you there?”

While police did not disclose how much money was taken, they did say it was mostly coins. If you can help identify the robbery suspect, contact police.