CHANDLER, Oklahoma - A 24-year-old Lincoln County man who has cerebral palsy is thankful his job at Chandler’s Walmart is safe. 

The nation’s largest retailer recently announced plans to do away with “greeter” positions at its stores. However, the company now pledges to try to find other positions for affected employees with disabilities. 

2012 Chandler High School graduate Nick Carter has cerebral palsy, and has worked as a greeter at Chandler’s Walmart Store for six years.

A few days ago, his family was concerned Nick’s job was in jeopardy. But they say Chandler’s Walmart told them they plan to find another position for Nick to excel in.

“Love it man!” said Nick. “I love it!  I get to see all the customers and everything man!” 

Nick’s parents say Chandler’s Walmart store has been very kind to their son.