BETHANY, Oklahoma - Investigators have issued an arrest warrant for 41-year-old Kelsey Lea Swinford. 

Swinford stands accused of two metro arsons that police said happened in the overnight hours of Sunday, February 17.

One of those fires was located in Oklahoma City, the other was in Bethany.

However, police reported the suspect was already locked up in the Garvin County jail.

On February 20, a Garvin County deputy responded to a 911 call concerning a rural barn fire. Swinford was seen ramming her pick-up truck into the barn, according to the investigator.

News 9 learned that the 911 call was made Swinford, and the barn belonged to her mother.

Bethany Police Lt. Angelo Orifice said soon they were able to connect the cases. He said that each of the victims have a history with Swinford. Also, officers add they found flares at the two metro homes that link her to the crimes.

When Garvin County deputies searched Swinford’s truck, they found critical evidence.

“On every road flare, they have a plastic cap with a striker plate on it to ignite the flares. Well, two of them were located in the pick-up truck, which matched our flares here in Bethany,” said Lt. Orifice.

Those flares will now be sent to the lab for testing.

Police said surveillance cameras also caught Swinford’s truck in the metro around the time of the fires.

“There has been a warrant issued for her arrest for arsons in the third degree, and the fourth,” said Lt. Orifice.

Court records reveal Swinford also faces three charges in Garvin County: Third Degree Arson, Battery on a Police Officer, and Malicious Injury to Property.

The Garvin County deputy who arrested Swinford, said he was kicked in the head by the suspect. Swinford tried to run away, but was caught after a short foot chase, according to the sheriff.

Fires damages have been calculated at nearly $200,000.

If Swinford bonds out of Garvin County, she will be sent back to the metro.

Investigators said Swinford was released from Oklahoma County a few weeks before the fires. She bonded out for charges of Domestic Violence and Assault and Battery.