A young woman who left her home in Alabama at age 20, traveled to Syria, married more than one ISIS fighter, and had a baby by one of them, now wants to come back to the U.S.  I said absolutely not.

Here’s what you had to say:

Diane in Cushing first, "Thank you President Trump for not allowing this ungrateful visitor back into the U.S.A.! We do not need the expense of putting her in prison."

Bruce in Noble said what so many of you did, "You have married an enemy combatant and should not be allowed back in. Sometimes the consequences of your actions you have to live with."

Jason asks, "How do we know she is being honest and not wanting to come over and be a sleeper for a couple years then what?"

Betty in Bridgecreek writes, "If her parents think we are wrong for not allowing her back in the USA then they should pack up and move to her."

R Colton says, "Would she even want to come to America if her husband had not been killed? I think not.”

Leslie watching online in Utah, "Go get her and she can be a spokesperson against ISIS and Islam."

Finally, Julie from Medford says, "I forgive her, but, she mustn't come back."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.