CORDELL, Oklahoma - Parents of 15-year-old Aaron Gunning said they are outraged with the superintendent of Cordell Public Schools after their son was attacked on campus. They add, it’s mainly because the administration verbally punished the students involved, rather than taking action. 

Gunning’s parents said he was assaulted following a Sunday soccer pick-up game near the football field. Another teen reportedly filmed the beating and posted it to Snapchat. It has since been shared around Cordell.

“The school is doing nothing. There is no course of action. They are condoning bullying. This is a premeditated act that was videoed, cyber-bullied, and they just don’t want involved,” said Chasity Wootton, Gunning’s mother.

The incident is under investigation by Cordell police, among other agencies, and the case remains open.

The Washita County District Attorney’s Office did help the alleged victim’s family procure a protective order.

Family of Gunning said they did not know until the day after the incident that their son had a concussion. They said he was knocked unconscious by his attacker.

“He was throwing up, and he passed out. And that's part of a concussion. I have been up for two days just checking on him,” said Greg Gunning, Aaron’s father.

Aaron’s parents are calling for the boy in the video to be expelled, and other soccer players to be punished. They also want the school to require staff to be on campus if students are present.

The school did provide this statement:

“Cordell Schools supports the idea that our campus and outdoor athletic facilities should be open for the recreational use of our community. While this incident is unfortunate, it took place during recreational time over the weekend and was not a part of any school activity. This incident has been referred to local law enforcement authorities,” said Superintendent Cordell Public Schools Brad Overton.

Gunning’s parents said they did get this voicemail from a parent whose child recorded the incident.

“I watched the video and I am extremely disappointed in my son,” said the parent.

Gunning’s parents said they plan on attending the upcoming school board meeting on Monday, March 11, to address possible policy change on campus.