SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - A mechanic in Shawnee is offering free and discounted car repair to those recently victimized by another mechanic in Tecumseh. 

Kerry Roberts, owner of Reliable Transmission and Auto Repair in Shawnee, says mechanics like Keith Wheeler give the industry a bad name.

Wheeler was arrested last week after Tecumseh police raided his mechanic shop Patriot Auto.

Wheeler is accused of collecting money for repairs upfront and then never repairing the cars.

Following his father's and grandfather's footsteps, Roberts has been working on cars for more than 30 years.  

“They have to trust you, and that's all we have in this business is trust,” said Roberts.

He says in this industry your word is everything.

“If you have a mistake, stand behind it. If you have a problem, stand behind it,” said Roberts.

He says when customer's come in they're usually vulnerable, counting on him to repair one of their most important possessions.

“I'd say it's 98% priority in most people's life,” said Roberts.

He says while each customer's needs vary, the overall goal is the same.

“A customer wants one thing, they want their car fixed right the first time and in a timely manner as possible,” said Roberts.

So, when he learned another mechanic just five miles down the road was taking advantage of customers, he got mad.

“It gives us all a black eye, gives us all a bad reputation,” said Roberts.

Roberts says he wants to help those victims. He’s committing to getting them parts at cost, and free work up to $200. He says anything over that will be discounted.

“I don’t want to sour the reputation just because someone does something they shouldn't, doesn’t mean all the rest of us have to suffer the consequences for it,” said Roberts.

Victims of Patriot Auto can contact Reliable Transmission & Auto Repair. They can contact the officer manager at 405-432-5270. Victims are asked to bring in a copy of their police report in order to validate recent victims.