Classes have been canceled in the Western Heights school district because of a high-rate of absenteeism related to illness. 

In a statement a spokesperson with the district confirmed that school officials will take the next two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, to sanitize their buildings, buses, classrooms and cafeterias.

“Due to high rates of absenteeism (both students and teachers) attributed to illness, Western Heights will be out of session Tuesday (2/19 and Wednesday (2/20). We will use this time to sanitize buildings, buses, classrooms and cafeterias. Classes will resume Thursday, February 21st. We hope that this time away will also help students and teachers have time to rest and recuperate from the various illnesses.”

District grandmother and aunt Michelle Macklin says she’s pleased with the school’s decision.

“I think I may have to pay a little bit more attention to them to make sure they’re not sick,” Macklin said.

Macklin says she’s heard of numerous viruses going around, from colds to coughs to flu.

Classes will resume February 21.