Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City police are investigating a deadly shooting on the city’s northwest side. It happened overnight in front of the Session Hookah Lounge, 2340 Northwest 23rd Street between North Pennsylvania Avenue and Villa Avenue. Police arrived to find one person dead and another injured. 

“Them bullets could have hit anybody last night,” said Totsy Holman, who lives behind the Session Hookah Lounge. “It's the after spot, they come from somewhere else drunk, they're already drunk.”

Around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, police say up to 50 people were gathered outside the popular hangout when a commotion turned to gunfire.

“So, it's not over there, that's not the problem, the problem is guns, everywhere,” Holman said.

“I pulled in and it was just super packed,” said Frederick Montgomery, who arrived to pick up a couple of kids he knew. “I think what happens is they get too many people and then when you start pushing people away, people get angry because they want to join in.”

Montgomery pulled up just minutes before the shooting.

“I just heard this dat dat dat dat dat,” he said. “Everybody in front of me on this side of the car started falling to the ground and crawling away.”

Witnesses told police they heard dozens of gunshots from multiple shooters. One person died in the shootout and another was injured.

“I was 100 and something feet away from where that young man got killed,” Montgomery said.

Police investigated into the night, taping off the scene to gathering evidence. At least one gun was recovered.

“I would say I hope there ain't no more killings, but I know better than that,” Holman said. “Young people shouldn't have to go through that, so now for the rest of the young people's lives that's trauma, they're going to remember that day.”

With daylight, all is quiet, but police hope for more answers into what happened, through witnesses and possibly surveillance video.

“Anybody in their right mind would feel bad for somebody getting killed like that you know, you out having a good time and it's your last time,” said Holman.

No suspect information has been released. If you have any information about this crime call the homicide tip line at 405-297-1200.