OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City Public School District is one step closer to deciding which schools will be closing and consolidating next school year. 

The district held their final community meeting Jan. 30.

The leader for the local American Federation of Teachers attended the meeting.

The district is in the process of choosing from three plans. We know, no matter what, at least 15 schools will close and consolidations will have to take place.

The President of the local AFT, Ed Allen, said they are trying to prepare for the big move, but he described it as "not a clean process".

The AFT are hoping to keep students and classrooms, especially those with special needs, with the teachers they currently have. Allen said teachers will have options and seniority will be taken into account. He said they are hoping to have those options to teachers by spring. 

"We don't have any concern with teachers being laid off. There's not going to be a reduction of force," said Allen. "There is an issue of timing and pulling all this off and getting the word out to teachers if they are getting transferred, what are their options." 

But overall the president said he doesn't anticipate any major layoffs due to the changes.

The next step is finding out which plan will be recommended. According to the Pathway to Greatness Plan, that should happen next month.