Oklahoma City, OK - March 15, 2018 is a day Brandy Haygood will never forget. 

Haygood was involved in a rollover accident near the May Avenue exit, off the Kilpatrick Turnpike. 

"It was just a literal freak accident," said Haygood, now standing and healed.

After being ejected from the car, the then 24-year-old was severely injured. 

"I broke my back, clavicle, scapula, pelvis, 12 ribs, and my femur. And during surgery, I suffered a stroke," she said. 

Laura, Brandy's mom, said after that surgery her daughter wouldn't wake up. Laura told News 9 she started saying anything she could think of that would make Brandy open her eyes. 

"We'll do whatever you want," described Laura, "Disneyland, Disney world and I said I know, Justin Timberlake."

Laura said after that Brandy opened her eyes and was able to look briefly at her mom.

"That was the turn around, " said Laura.

Brandy said doctors didn't expect her to walk again or regain some day-to-day abilities. But, now around 10 months later, Brandy told News 9 she's about 95 percent healed. 

She does admit she has some memory issues and lingering issues with her left hand, but Brandy said she's just happy to be alive. 

"I would give most of the credit to God, but a little bit to Justin,” she said. 

Laura ended up purchasing JT tickets after making sure Brandy would be physically able to go. The Haygood's story will come full circle this weekend when Brandy and Laura attend the promised Justin Timberlake's concert at Chesapeake Arena on Saturday.