MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - A metro mechanic is out to prove the best kind of payment for services isn't cash, but friendship.   

Adam Ely is a student at Rose State College and a disabled veteran. He started Hard Luck Automotive Services on Facebook in 2017. 

“If you can afford the parts, if I’m able to fix it, I will do it for free,” says Ely, who doesn’t have a garage, but takes his truck to appointments.

Ely admits sometimes the vehicles he works on are too far broken to fix. 

“For some people, I’m just the bearer of bad news,” adds Ely.

This week, Midwest City father of two Andy Self contacted Hard Luck Automotive Services. His 2009 vehicle, the family’s only car, had a blow engine.

Ely felt terrible for delivering the bad news.

“I cried to my wife, I felt really bad that I couldn’t help him. Of all the people I’ve helped, he needed it the most,” says Ely.

So, the mechanic appeared with the Midwest City father online, urging people to help donate for a new car for Self.

Seven hours after launching the GoFundMe page, more than $1,000 had been raised.

“I was really shocked,” says Self.

This week, Ely drove Self and his family to the dealership to put $1,200 toward another car.

Self is driving again. 

“You cannot find friends like Adam,” says Self.

Ely has promised to use his tools to make sure Andy’s car runs for a very long time.

“I’m not going to let this guy go,” says Ely. 

Here’s the Facebook like to Hard Luck Automotive Services: https://www.facebook.com/hardluckauto405/