WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sydney Forsee-Gaylord News

Music rings in the air as pink hats, and picketed signs walk by.

Today the 3rd annual women's march took place in Washington DC and women from across the country came to show support for issues affecting them.

"I saw the march last year on TV and didn't participate. This year we just decided to go," said Siobhan Reilly, a resident of Ponca City. "I convinced one of my friends to go with me, and here we are."

Despite the government shutdown, and the controversy surrounding the march, these Oklahoma women traveled over a thousand miles to have their voices heard here today.

"We tend to expect everybody to be perfect, and they say perfect is the enemy of good. And I think that the women's march in general, marching for women's rights, is a wonderful concept, and I still support that" said Alexandria Edwards from Guthrie.

With that in mind, these Okie ladies hope to inspire others back home.

"The division that's created now has to stop. I think women are the key to bringing it all together. I think the state of Oklahoma has to start speaking out." said Reilly.

And the women in D.C. hope to lead the charge; one sign, chant and song at a time.