Oklahoma City, OK - 20 acres, in Oklahoma City, will soon be developed into a campsite for Girl Scouts to focus on STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Congresswoman Kendra Horn, Oklahoma City Councilwoman Nikki Nice, as well as the COO of Girl Scouts of the USA were in attendance at today’s groundbreaking.

“Girl Scouts of the USA has created a STEM pledge. The STEM pledge is to get 2.5 million girls into STEM careers by 2025. It's very clear that women are under represented in the STEM world,” COO of Girl Scouts of the USA Tony Doye, said.

They’re naming site Camp Trivera.

It's a name voted on by Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma, that focuses on the history of the organization.

Tri, representing the three C's of Girl Scouting: Courage, Confidence and Character.

As well as representing the three sides of a triangle, a shape that crosses science engineering and math. Vera, meaning truth and variety in Latin.

“We are bringing a ton of change across the country for girls particularly around STEM. And in this instance, Oklahoma's going to be right in the center of that. The new STEM center is a fantastic achievement just in creating the opportunity. But when it's done, it's going to be more than just the groundbreaking today, it'll be a ground breaker,” Doye said.

Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma have been raising money for this camp since early 2018, with a goal of $12.2 million.

So far, the organization has raised $9.4 million, with proceeds coming from many Oklahoma based companies, as well as Girl Scout troops donating money from their cookie sales.

“The activities that girls will be involved in are pretty broad. Then can range from robotics to geology to water to climate. To rock climbing, swimming,” Doye said.

But it doesn’t stop there.

As partnerships are formed, the possibilities will grow.

They are still seeking partners for programming and fundraising, but Camp Trivera is expected to open by summer of 2020.

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