EDMOND, Oklahoma - Troopers released the 911 tapes containing a heart-wrenching call for help as a 3-year-old boy took his final breaths. 

A good Samaritan trying to save his life made the desperate call last July, on Interstate 35 in Edmond.

The child's mother and uncle are still behind bars for the tragic crash. Investigators says they were under the influence.

911 Caller: “Somebody just rolled their vehicle and it went five or six times.”

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain Ronnie Hampton, Xavier Ware and his sister Alexis were headed home, with toddler in tow after a night of partying.

“She had been drinking, he had been smoking marijuana and taking Xanax. Where was the baby? At the house where they were partying at,” said Captain Hampton.

Xavier claims he lost control of the car after trying to avoid a deer. His nephew, who was in the back seat without a seat belt or car seat, was thrown through the back window.

When they got out and found the toddler they scooped him up, ran out into the highway and flagged down a motorist immediately.

According to court documents, Alexis was carrying her toddler down I-35 and was heard screaming.  "Look at my baby, look at my baby."

Seeing the baby covered in blood, the motorist loaded the family into his car and called for help.

911 Caller: “I have a kid, I have a kid! He's dying, he's dying.”

The good Samaritan frantically attempted to guide the siblings through CPR.

911 Caller: “Blow! Blow! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two!”

911 Caller: “Don’t stop giving CPR! Do not stop giving CPR! I don’t care, don’t stop giving him CPR! Do not stop, do not stop please!"

Once he realized they weren’t in the position to give the baby medical care, he pulled over and started CPR himself.

911 Caller: “I’m going to save his life! Give him to me, give him to me, come on, come on! We have to lay him down.”

The man passed his phone over to another emotional witness.

911 Caller: “Please help us!”

911 Operator: “One moment. I’m going to stay on the phone with you, okay?”

Both siblings are charged with 2nd degree murder and child endangerment.