It was strange to see Kevin Stitt, who proudly positioned himself as a political outsider, to be standing in front of Oklahoma's ruling class Monday at his inauguration.

Among Oklahoma's political leaders sitting behind Governor Stitt as he took the oath of office were five of the last 6 governors ... Mary Fallin, Brad Henry, Frank Keating, David Walters and George Nigh.

Know what they all have in common? They'd all held an elected office at the Capitol before becoming Governor.

All except for Walters, but he actually served in appointed positions for two Governors.

The point is, THAT to find a Governor who was as far removed from the seat of Oklahoma's political power as Kevin Stitt, you have to go back 72 years to Roy Turner. 

And he made some interesting changes in the state, most notably building the Turner Turnpike.

So Kevin Stitt truly does bring a unique perspective to running the state.

But if he's going to shake things up, he'll need to assemble a team of outsiders to draw up a blue print of how Oklahoma's government can work better and a team of insiders to show him out to get it done.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.