Monday Gov. Kevin Stitt was sworn in as the 28th governor of Oklahoma. 

During his inaugural address Stitt said he plans to put Oklahoma on the map as a Top 10 state. 

"Oklahoma's turnaround also starts with education, and I am fully convinced Oklahoma can have a Top 10 education system," said Stitt. 

The new governor plans for more teacher training, recruitment and raises have gained him the support of state leaders and educators.  

"We want to hear that education is a priority. It's a priority for all Oklahomas," said State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister. "I loved hearing about the importance of families engaging with schools. This is what we need and the emphasis on the importance of teachers."

This is in light of a nine-day teacher walkout earlier this school year, and a resulting $5,000 raise. During his inaugural address, Stitt said he would be the bold leader to make a difference for today's children and the next generation.  

There's no word yet on how much Stitt would like to give to schools and education.