LANGLEY, Oklahoma - Two volunteer search teams spent Thursday looking for Mark Rogers, who has been missing for more than two weeks.

The Oklahoma Emergency Response Team and the Oklahoma Disaster Action Response Team, both non-profit volunteer organizations, set out to search a 3-mile radius around where Rogers was last seen.

“It is a difficult search. It’s muddy. It’s difficult. There’s a lot of briars. But it’s worth it,” Martha Dallago, Rogers’ friend, said.

Dallago worked with Rogers at the Miami News Record, where he spent 28 years of his life. 

“He had a very distinctive laugh. Everyone at work knew that,” Dallago said.

Now she’s working with two volunteer search teams to find him. Rick Aldridge helped organize the search, and is encouraging homeowners in the area to look at their security cameras for any sign of Rogers.

“The people here in Langley have been incredible as far as allowing us access to private property,” Aldridge said.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office says Rogers is battling depression, and was staying at Lari’s Residential Care to get help. His dad dropped him off there the day after Christmas. The sheriff believes Rogers either walked away or someone picked him up.

But until there are answers, volunteers say they aren’t giving up.

“We pray every day that we’re gonna find him,” Aldridge said.

“I’m just hoping he’s with somebody right now, and not out in the woods somewhere,” Dallago said. “And he’s safe.”

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office has followed up on tips in Tahlequah, Missouri, and Texas, but all of those have been ruled out.

If you have any idea where Rogers could be, call law enforcement right away.