LUTHER, Oklahoma - Tens of millions of dollars for Luther Public Schools is at stake during Tuesday's bond election.

The $24 million would go to tablet computers for all 850 students, plus a new cafeteria and library that will become safe rooms in the event of a severe weather.

A media room would be renovated and a new gym at the high school would be built.

All three district schools would have upgraded safe rooms if the bond receives a super majority of 60 percent of the vote.

Property taxes would go up nearly 10 percent, but Luther's second-year Superintendent Barry Gunn thinks the increase in taxes is worth it.

“I think our students are the most important thing we have,” said Gunn, who appeared in an online video explaining the bond issue.

The school district has not been campaigning for a “Yes” vote but has been encouraging people to remember to vote on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

The last bond in Luther was in 2016 and was worth $36 million. It failed with 85 percent voting “No.”