Oklahoma City, OK - A family is terrorized twice in one month as men armed with guns and knives force their way into a Southeast Oklahoma City home. 

Police caught one of the suspects, but the rest remain on the loose. 

The family says four or five guys armed with knives and guns broke into their home on Southeast 35th Street twice; first on November 24, then on December 29. 

A 13-year-old girl who lives there says during the November home invasion, the robbers forced their way in past her father.

"He ran into the house because they were breaking in, and like they pushed him to the ground. And he was laying on the ground,” she said. "They pushed him to the ground and then they kicked him like around in the throat."

We are not identifying the girl because the suspects haven’t been caught.

She says, "We heard the screaming of my mom and my sister. And we woke, and we were laying on the bed and we could see everything from the room."

The girls tried to call police, but one of the robbers stopped them.

"One of them walked into the room, and he had a gun and one of the long knives, like about that big. And he was like pointing it at us and asking us where the money and jewelry was at,” she continued.

The robbers ran off. 

Four or five men forced their way in again December, again forcing the parents to the floor while they ransacked the place. When they left, the family followed them out.  

"We ran outside to the neighbors to call the police, because whenever my dad ran outside, I don't know what he screamed out. And they started shooting,” the girl said.

Officer Megan Morgan of the Oklahoma City Police Department said, "Officers responded to where the people were seen and located one of the suspects or a subject matching the description of one of the suspects. He took him into custody, and also located one of the victims backpacks full of some of the items that were taken during the robbery."

Joseph Harmon, 19, was charged with two counts of robbery with a firearm. The other suspects remain on the loose and that has the family terrified.

"It was really scary to go to sleep,” the girl told News 9.