OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police arrested an 18-year-old on Monday for allegedly pointing a gun at a woman and four others at a Southwest Oklahoma City church. 

The church, and outreach center, is a temporary shelter for Tyrene Turoczi's family and pets. They lost their home and nearly a dozen pets in a house fire only days before Christmas.

But their troubles do not end there.

Turoczi and her family were putting up a dog pen outside the church, when they said they heard a popping noise.

“Tyrene walked to the side of the church and he was back there with, it looked like a rifle to me,” said Harvey Wreath, witness. “She told him to not be shooting at the church and he started cussing at her.”  

Wreath said the teen holding the gun, Saul Celedon, lives next door. The witnesses said Celedon became irate when he was told to go inside his home.

“He was waving this rifle around in his hands,” said Wreath. “He finally just pulled it up and pointed it right at her.”

The victim called police and told officers she feared for her life, thinking the teen had a rifle.

Celedon told police he was playing with a BB gun in his yard. He said the woman threw something in his yard and they started arguing. Celedon claimed to have never pointed the gun at her. 

“Officers went out there and interviewed him,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “They were able to recover the BB gun he had and ultimately, he was booked into the Oklahoma County jail.”  

The victim told police she has had problems with the teen before. Her family worries he could do something to them or their pets.

“They don’t understand why,” said Wreath. “But she’s tried to be good to him and she just couldn’t take it anymore.”

The victim is considering filing a Victim’s Protection Order against the teen while they stay the church.