EDMOND, Oklahoma - An Edmond High School teacher is jail Monday night, accused of sex crimes involving a 17-year old boy.

According to investigators Dave Heaverin and his former student exchanged nude photos through Instagram.

Police learned about the communication between the two after the boy attempted suicide Thursday. Monday morning, before the start of class, Heaverin was questioned and placed under arrest.

According to a police report the boy became very upset after an argument with his parents over social media.

“They had an incident with their son where they had confronted them with some social media that he was on and after that confrontation the son took a knife and tried to cut his own throat,” said Edmond Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Wagnon.

The boy was treated for his injuries when his parents found more concerning information.

“Luckily the wounds were superficial so the treatment to the student is facing is for mental health,” said Wagnon.

After further investigation the boy’s parents discovered  he had been in regular communication with his former history teacher Dave Heaverin, and the two followed the same adult Instagram page.

“Then they started looking more deeply into the phone and social media and found some messages back and forth between the student and his teacher,” said Wagnon.

The boy's parents said at one time the history teacher helped their son improve his grades.

“The relationship between their son and the teacher, the son was needing some extra help in a subject and was staying after classes for some tutoring,” said Wagnon.

And while police say the teacher and former student exchanged nude photos of one another, they're still not sure of the exact nature of their relationship.

“We don’t know if there was a physical relationship, we can’t tell that just yet in the investigation,” said Wagnon.