EDMOND, Oklahoma - Food starts flying off the shelves when Oklahomans hear there's a winter storm on the way.

Cashiers at the Crest location in Edmond are getting some cardio in on the eve of winter weather.

Parking was a challenge for many shoppers.

“The parking lot was so full I had to park in the very back,” said shopper Jessica Bond. “I didn’t expect it would be this crazy this early.”

News 9 Storm Tracker Tom Pastrano posted a photo on Facebook the shelf at a local grocer nearly empty.

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“Just in case the electric goes out, you can made sandwiches,” said shopper Dorita Post. “Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and things like that.”

Some shoppers had food on the mind but, the beer and wine section seemed to look appealing as well. 

“Yes wine and beer,” said shopper Debra Pepper. “In case we do get snowed in, at least we can be okay and be comfortable.”

Crest employees began work early Thursday morning, trying to keep items stocked.

“We have people working around the clock, staying extra hours to make sure the shelfs are full and the customers are taken care of,” said store manager Mario Baca Jr.

Whatever mother nature may bring Friday, one shoppers offered some last minute advice.

“Make sure you pay your heating bill,” said Pepper.