OKLAHOMA CITY - In a truly unique gubernatorial debate, close to 100 Oklahoma high school students from across the state came together to encourage young voters ahead of the November 6th election.

The students not only moderated the debate between Democratic Candidate Drew Edmondson and Republican Candidate Kevin Stitt, but also organized the entire evening.

The teens call their group “From Now On”, and are hoping their efforts energized fellow students to become active in politics.

“What I am most excited about is this opportunity for fellow students to see for themselves what these candidates are all about,” said Weatherford Student Reagan Stephens.

Candidates debated policies regarding healthcare, prison reform, medical cannabis and future economic growth.

Both candidates said they appreciated being able to speak to students, and want them to know they have a voice in this election.

“It's such an honor to be here with my daughter. She is a senior in high school, and this is the future. This is why I am running for governor. I want her coming back, living in Oklahoma, having a bright future here,” said Kevin Stitt.

“I started with high school seniors running my first campaign for state legislature a long time ago. I know what their capacity is. I know what their energy can be. I was just very pleased to be here in a room with them, talking about issues important to Oklahoma,” said Drew Edmondson.

Student organizers hope that by seeing the candidates debate first-hand, this will push young voters to the polls.

“When I heard Oklahoma is 47th in voting turnout, that is shocking to me. Hearing that only 11 percent of eligible voters from 18 to 24 actually come out and vote is just not good. That's not how I think we should be as a state. For me personally, I want kids like me to know that our opinion does matter,” said Edmond Student Madelyn Rops.

The last day to register to vote for the upcoming election is tomorrow, October 12th.

Watch the full debate below: