BETHANY, Oklahoma - Almost seven years ago, 19-year-old Carina Saunders' body was found in a duffle bag in a field near Northwest 23rd Street and Rockwell Avenue in Bethany. 

An anonymous group of people is offering $50,000 to anyone who can provide a rumored video of Saunders' murder. A $30,000 reward is being offered by the group for irrefutable proof of the identity of her killers.

The offer ends on October 31, according to a printed flyer. If you have any information regarding the video, you’re asked to send an email to

The Bethany Police Department initially investigated the October 13, 2011 murder, working it more than a year, before turning the case over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. 

OSBI agents, in 2013, dove right in, questioning potential witnesses, serving search warrants, and later digging for evidence.

In April 2017, OSBI agents excavated in the backyard of a Northwest Oklahoma City home that was believed to be connected to the murder. According the search warrant return, a folding knife, shirt, windbreaker jacket, and slip-on sandals were recovered during the three-day dig.

More recently, the OSBI highlighted Carina Saunders's case in its Cold Case Playing Cards that were distributed to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. The cards will be sold to prisoners and is the OSBI's latest approach to searching for leads in its cases.