Facebook users across Oklahoma have expressed concerns about a post concerning an Achille child.

The post, allegedly originating from an Achille ISD parent Facebook group, speaks of a transgender student using the girls’ restroom at school.

Comments following the post include allusions to violence against the student.

One comment reads in part, "a good sharp knife will do the job real quick."

The page containing the original posts is now unavailable on Facebook, but screenshots have been shared several times online.

Troy Stevenson, an Oklahoma City civil rights attorney, calls the comments by the parents, “horrific.”

“They were actually inciting physical violence, quite possibly the murder of this twelve-year-old young person, this little girl,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson is now encouraging others to contact the Achille Independent Schools Superintendent and local police.              

“They have the freedom of speech, but you don't have the freedom to incite violence against anyone much less a twelve-year-old child,” Stevenson said.

Saturday, several activists used their own freedom of speech, condemning the comments.

The Oklahoma Libertarian Party and Free Mom Hugs posted about it.

Sage Mauldin, the Human Rights Commissioner of Norman sent News 9 the following statement:

“The recently surfaced Achille FB comments should concern everyone. The epidemic of anti-transgender violence is not diminishing but intensifying and demands Oklahoma’s and our Nation’s immediate attention. I encourage Oklahoma lawmakers to address anti-transgender violence by enhancing law enforcement response and training, improving data collection and reporting, and implementing non-discrimination policies locally and at the state level. We are all Oklahoma and need to commit ourselves to extending civil rights and reducing

The school has a bullying policy which includes zero tolerance for the publicly bullying students.

Stevenson, who has been reaching out to the community. says a few violent comments doesn't represent all of Achille.

“I've seen people that have actively defended this child. People that don't even support the LGBTQ community,” Stevenson said.