OKLAHOMA CITY - A murder suspect led Oklahoma City police to the latest homicide victim.

Officers found Joel White, 56, dead inside his northwest Oklahoma City apartment on Saturday night.

Police were at the Lamplight Apartments on an unrelated call when Rufus Townsend, 63, flagged down officers to check on his next door neighbor. Officers searched the apartment and found White dead inside his bedroom. They also noted there was blood and signs of a struggle.

Townsend was taken in for questioning after officers spotted blood on his pants.

“After speaking with him it became clear that he was involved in this homicide,” Oklahoma City Police Msgt. Gary Knight said. 

Court documents revealed Townsend and White were drinking vodka inside the victim's apartment earlier in the day.

Townsend told police he left the apartment, came back 15 minutes later and found White dead but did not call 911.

During the interview, Townsend told investigators the victim possibly touched him, became aggressive and freaked out on him.

The accused man said he "blacked out" and did not know how the victim died.

Detectives noted Townsend had blood on his jeans and socks. Blood was also found on a pair of his shoes. 

“The person who flagged down officers,” said Knight. “Was ultimately interviewed by homicide detectives and booked into the Oklahoma County jail on one complaint of murder in the first degree.”

Police also found a black necklace with a black cross in the victim's bedroom. Townsend told detectives the necklace belonged to him.

The medical examiner will determine how the victim died.