OKLAHOMA CITY - The two civilians who shot and killed a gunman outside of a restaurant on Lake Hefner were justified in killing the gunman, the Oklahoma County district attorney determined.

On May 24, a man opened fire into the Louie's on Lake Hefner and hit three people with gunfire. Two men were in the area and retrieved their firearms from their respective vehicles. 

The two men approached the gunman, later identified as Alexander Tilghman, and commanded him to drop his weapon. Witnesses told authorities the men gave multiple commands to Tilghman before Tilghman raised his pistol and pointed it at one of the men, the district attorney's office said.

According to a news release, Tilghman fired multiple shots at one of the two civilians before the two civilians shot him. Tilghman died at the scene before officers arrived.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater determined the two civilians were justified in "neutralizing the threat posed by Tilghman" and were compliant with the law when they employed deadly force.

The district attorney's office also noted both civilians had significant firearms training and employed tactics that lessened the potential that their deadly force would harm innocent bystanders.

Prater called the two men, who police identified as Bryan Whittle and Juan Carlos Nazario, and told them of his decision after he made it on June 15.

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