OKLAHOMA CITY - Along with all the campaign ads, you can expect to hear from those opposed to State Question 788, the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, over the next 8 days.

The coalition “State Question 788 is not medical marijuana” has devoted $500,000 in campaign ads throughout the state before June 26th.

The group claims the state question is closer to recreational marijuana.

“This is a flawed State Question. The polls are tightening, Our side is starting to gain momentum once they learn more about this,” Coalition spokesman Josh Harlow said.

Meanwhile supporters of SQ 788 says they don’t have an advertising campaign planned.

“Everybody assumes we have some big business, or a big pot of money. We really don't,” said Chip Paul with Oklahomans for Health.

Paul says he and others will being doing a whistle stop tour throughout the state speaking with groups about SQ 788.

Paul says those opposed have put out lies about SQ 788.

“Read 788. Read the law. Don't listen to what everyone is saying, not even us, read it for yourself,” Paul said.

Read State Question 788 below: