OKLAHOMA CITY - A big supporter of Oklahoma City’s homeless says she needs a new supply truck.

Carolyn Herr is well-known for providing food and supplies to homeless people, but she can’t do it without her pickup.

“I would load the back of it with the huge Rubbermaid bins filled with supplies and then pull a 20-foot trailer,” Herr said.

The truck, nicknamed ‘Big Blue,’ was stolen in late April from Herr’s backyard.

While police investigated, Herr spread the word.

Within days, she found the truck at Metal Check on High Ave., but it was too late.

“It was basically junk at that point, and it had nothing left on it. It wouldn’t run,” Herr said.

Herr says she has other ways to get around, but her personal car can’t fit all the supplies.

“This made me mad because this truck provides for a community that's like lost,” Herr said.

So a friend started a Go Fund Me page to get Herr a replacement supply truck.

The webpage is asking for $3000 for a used pickup.

Herr and her friends are about halfway to the goal,  but time is running out.

“I actually have only four months to finish getting ready. I am worried,” Herr said.

Oklahoma City Police say they have a suspect for the vehicle theft, but charges have not officially been filed.