OKLAHOMA CITY - Folks living in the Falcon Crest Mobile Home Park on OKC’s southeast side say they were woken up around 2:30 a.m. hearing gunshots.  A victim remains in what police are calling “very critical” condition.

Locals call Falcon Cresta a, “Felon friendly community.”  Online records show 39-registered sex offenders live in the tiny mobile home park.  And early this morning there was bloodshed. 

Police say someone in one mobile home opened fire on someone outside.  Neighbors say they heard about nine shots.  The victim was driven to a nearby gas station and police were called.

Investigators are trying to piece together what happened, but witnesses are not being cooperative and the victim, well, he's in no shape to identify the shooter. A woman inside the mobile home this afternoon said, “They're gangbangers. My friends were inside here. The ones that shot were inside here."

The woman didn't want to go on camera.

Chrystal Nichols plays with her kids a few trailers down from the shooting. This scares her. 

"We have too many kids in this for this to be going on. It could hit any trailer. I mean any child." Nichols said.

Most  neighbors News 9 spoke with didn't want to go on camera.  They say this can be a rough neighborhood, but not *gang shooting* rough. 

Police haven't made any arrests yet. That means the shooter is still out there.  Somewhere.

"And it's sad you know because now we're scared to even let them run around here.” Nichols says, pointing to her kids, “And you should never be fearful of your kids being in their own neighborhood."