MEEKER, Oklahoma - A woman in Meeker, who is no stranger to police, has new appreciation for law enforcement and first responders.

Cassie Beeson suffers from several ailments including a rare disorder called Chiari Malformation. She also suffers from a neurological condition called dysautonomia and is constantly in and out of the hospital.

“I’ll holler at my husband ‘hey, I’m going down’ and usually a few minutes later I’ll be unconscious,” says Beeson, who says she’s needed a breathing ventilator 13 times in 5 years.

“I’ve been told I’m faking, I’m seeking attention,” adds Beeson.

But after responding to the first of many 911 calls, Meeker's Police Chief knew this was no act.

“She couldn’t speak, kind of incoherent, eyes rolled back,” says Police Chief Trent Norton.

Recently, Beeson walked into the police station and showed Chief Norton a painting she did for Meeker Firefighters and first responders who have come to her home. She explained that she wanted to do the same for the police station.

This week, Beeson has been painting her first mural. It’s of a bald eagle holding a Meeker police badge in front of an American flag.

“They are a wonderful group of people and it’s the least I can do for all that they've done,” says Beeson.

“It makes her smile, it makes her happy,” says Chief Norton.