GRADY COUNTY, Oklahoma - Margo Calhoun's peaceful time picking berries outside her home in Grady County quickly took a turn Tuesday afternoon.

She felt the pinching of bites and went inside to find hundreds of tiny red bugs covering her foot.

“They went through the fibers of my socks,” she said.

She thinks they could've been mites or some kind of tick.

“Whenever I went to scrape them off, they didn’t just scrape off,” she explained. “I had to literally get soap, water, scrubby, and get them off my feet and down the drain.”

This happened despite the fact that Calhoun had prepared. She was using spray and wearing proper clothing. She’d even duct-taped her pant legs to her socks to keep ticks out.

Calhoun said she's no stranger to seeing critters and dealing with all kinds of insects, but nothing quite like this.

“I mean I’ve flicked my share of spiders off that big prized berry to get it and I’ve been stung by a wasp and I’ve seen other animals and stuff down there,” she said. “And I’m not real scared of them, I get shook up for a minute but then I go right back after my berries, but I don’t know, this time I haven’t gone back.”

Below are helpful facts related to insects from the OSU Extension: