OKLAHOMA CITY - On Wednesday afternoon, 62-year old Beatrice Miles was hit by an truck near her home in the 1200 block of N. Kate.

She says the driver backed into her and then drove off, so she called the police.

“All of the sudden…bam,” says Miles. “Him and her jumped in the truck and they left.”

Later that night, two suspects come to the Jeltz Senior Center, and Miles says one of them jumps from a vehicle and yells this at her.

“'Why you call the police on my husband?' And I said who in the hell is your husband and she called his name,” Miles says.

They begin hitting her and Miles says her phone fell from her pocket and they stole it from her.

She adds she saw them leave in a red SUV with a missing passenger window and called 911 again.

Here is a portion of that call:

“I just got jumped by two females. One of them knows the man I filed charges on for running over me today,” Miles says.

Officers respond again and moments later say they found the suspect vehicle just a few blocks away at a gas station on N.E. 23rd.

They say the evidence literally called out to them when they stopped to question one man.

“Well, the officer happened to know the victim's phone number. He calls it and sure enough the guys pockets begins to ring,” says mSGT. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Four people were arrested on complaints of conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery by force or fear, and interfering with an emergency call.

Their names are Anthony Wiley, Lynn Gibson, Elizabeth Jenkins, Carolyn Howard.

Wiley also faces crimes of assault with a deadly weapon and receiving stolen property.

Gibson’s additional complaints include possession of cocaine, drug paraphernalia, public drunk, and assault and battery.

As for Miles, she got her phone back.

She says she recently had a heart attack and hopes soon she will be able to rest.

She’s only lived at the Jeltz Senior Center for about six months.

Almost every time she’s outside, she says she has her guard up.

“Why is it that the elderly people, sickly people, can’t just come out sit under the trees, under the shade, without someone trying to take advantage of them?” Miles asks.

Police say the initial impact from the crash was at a low-speed and there were no major injuries from the incident.