Next Monday it will be exactly 15 years since 19-year-old construction worker Ian Cox fell 68 feet from Memorial Stadium in a construction accident. 

Cox suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple broken bones, and was in a coma for nearly a month.  He still deals with serious physical and neurological issues, but he says he’s living a good life. 

Ian recently moved into a Norman condominium with his girlfriend and her young son. They live in a second-floor unit, and the stairs have only one hand rail. 

Even though a second hand rail was not in the budget, Harrah welder Joseph Lynch took matters into his own hands. He says he remembered the Ian Cox story. 

Last week, Lynch, who owns “Town and Country Steel Buildings and Welding,” installed a second hand rail for Ian Cox, for free.

“It’ something small, but it is real, and a little bit of my time and effort. You know it makes a huge difference in his life, and he wouldn’t have to worry,” Lynch said.  “And I can sleep at night knowing that he is not gonna come down there with his son and trip and fall,”   

Cox says he is very grateful.

“Life may throw some difficulties at you, and you may not always feel like fighting through them, but in the end it’s worth it,” Cox said.