OKLAHOMA CITY - Top Republican contenders for the Oklahoma Governor’s Office participated in an Oil and Gas Forum in downtown Oklahoma City Wednesday night. 

Four of the ten Republican candidates explained why they are the most qualified to lead the state. 

Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb, State Auditor Gary Jones, Tulsa Businessman Kevin Stitt and former four-term Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett outlined how they’d work to fix the state’s glaring budget problem. 

Oil and Gas Association President Chad Warmington talked about why oil and gas are so important in this state.

“Our industry supports one in six jobs in Oklahoma.  We pay over two and a half billion dollars a year in direct taxes to the state of Oklahoma.  We pay another 500 million in local taxes, and we’re the single largest source of funding for the schools and education,” Warmington said. 

The state Republican Primary is June 26th.