OKLAHOMA CITY - OKC City Council approves $1.7 million in incentives for Amazon to build a fulfillment center next to Will Rogers World Airport.

The money will improve infrastructure at the site of the 640,000 sq./ft. facility and help provide a $60,000 salary for more than 50 jobs.

“We want them in our city,” said Brent Bryant with OKC Economic Development.

On Tuesday, discussions turned heated when council members questioned whether the incentives are needed to land Amazon.

One councilman said Amazon has hurt local businesses for years and shouldn't be rewarded.

During the discussion, Councilman Ed Shadid compared helping Amazon to the Stockholm Syndrome.

“You are romanticizing your tormentor and paying money to your tormentor,” said Councilman Shadid.

Councilman Shadid has been critical of using tax incentives to close deals that he thinks would happen anyway.

The incentives package for Amazon passed with a 5-2 vote.

Supporters believe the fulfillment center will spark investment and growth near WRWA.