NORMAN, Oklahoma - A woman has been flown to OU Medical Center following an auto-pedestrian accident on the 1300 block of 180th Avenue NE.

The victim’s name has not been released, but neighbors say many drivers rarely follow the speed limit on the rural roads.

“These people drive too crazy. High school kids running stop signs out here. My son's neighborhood, they speed around the corner. They don't slow down for nothing,” Ronnie Edwards said. “Didn't know who it was at first. Then we found out it was our neighbor. She was going to check her mail.”

Edwards says the woman’s mailbox was on one side of 180th, and her home on the other.

“I've had people make me nervous checking the mail, coming down the road cause you're right there on the street,” Edwards said.

Officers say the car involved is a navy blue, newer model, Cadillac SRX with possible front-end damage on the passenger side.

Police were checking in with local businesses for surveillance footage.

So far, no arrests have been reported this evening.