CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - Divers continue to search for two people and their boat in Lake Thunderbird Sunday.

“We will be there until a recovery is made. We feel like we have ample resources out there,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Paul Timmons said,

OHP says two boats crashed on the lake Saturday night.

One was a 1998 cream and teal Starcraft, the other was a red and white boat.

Thanks to Saturday's storms, the recovery effort was delayed until Sunday morning.

The two people in the red and white boat were rescued and are in the hospital.

They have been identified as Steven Taylor of Norman, and Jennifer Collett of Noble.

Both are in stable condition.

The second boat and its passengers have not yet been found, although authorities confirm one person is dead.

As they wait in agony family confirms one of the missing people are Cody Foster and Brandon Kelley.

Captain Paul Timmons with OHP says his troopers won't stop until the two people and their boat are found.

“We've got quite a few resources out there with this attempt to make this recovery. We've got probably eight divers, four boats with sonar and we have a fairly large area that we're searching,” Timmons said.