OKLAHOMA CITY - With the primary elections just a few weeks away, there are a lot of campaign signs popping up in the metro. And a lot of them have been damaged or stolen by a guy who apparently isn't ashamed of doing it.

Rick Reichert, 47, of Oklahoma City posted videos to social media showing himself stealing campaign signs.

"Here's why Oklahoma is screwed, because we got people like this that are arrogant, egotistical, self-absorbed, think they're above the law,” you hear Reichert say on a video. “So, Mister Sloan, these were illegal and I removed them."

Reichert also posted pictures of hundreds of missing signs dating back years. 

District Court Judge candidate Chris Sloan found one of his signs shredded Thursday, just blocks from Reichert’s house.

"I mean look at this. I would guess that this is done with a knife or a razor blade. And it's not as if it's some small protest. This took some anger to pull off,” said Sloan.

And the damage costs plenty.

"It takes a toll.” Sloan said, “We've had them spray-painted. We've had them taken away, just ripped right off the poles."

OK County Auditor Candidate Larry Stein also had signs damaged and stolen.

"These signs are not inexpensive. Some of these signs are 150-200 dollars apiece,” he said.

Police are looking into the matter.

"It is a crime to deface these signs or remove these signs.  They are considered private property,” said Officer Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “That includes vandalizing them or stealing them."

But until charges are filed, candidates are left to pay the bill and clean up the mess.

"Well got news for ya [sic],” said Sloan. “Every time you tear one of these up I'm gonna [sic] go buy a new one. Put a new one up. Because I'm not giving up."

News 9 did go to the house Reichert shares with his parents. His mother said he wasn't home and he hasn't responded to a request for a comment.