OKLAHOMA CITY - It was near 36th and Villa in Oklahoma City where Ashlee Jackson said the man first blew his horn Monday morning.

“So I’m like, did I miss that light?” She asked.

And then Jackson said the man followed her to Dunkin Donuts on May.

“He’s screaming at me through the window, he’s like, ‘You ran a light back there,’” she told News 9.

Jackson said he pounded on her glass, opened the car door and stood where she couldn't close it.

Jackson said he threatened to drag her from the vehicle and assault her. And she said he attacked her appearance, gender and race.

“Having someone call you all these names and unimaginable things, call you a monkey, call you an N-word to your face, so close to your face you like feel his breath on your face…no one deserves to be treated like that, no matter what they have previously done,” she said. “To be reduced to nothing, like he didn’t regard my humanity at all and that’s a very terrifying and hurtful experience.”

Jackson was able to get away from him and she said he sped from the scene.

Oklahoma City Police arrived and took her report.

And since then she said she's still shaken.

“I can’t breathe, I haven’t been sleeping,” Jackson explained.

But she hasn't lost hope yet that officers will track down the man who did this.

“I hope that they can find him and he be made accountable so he can’t do it to anyone else,” she said.

Jackson said there were several cars in the drive thru and people who must have seen this happen. Police said one witness did call to report it.

Investigators said Wednesday there was no suspect information available.