OKLAHOMA CITY - A man high on PCP was arrested for causing a disturbance in a metro neighborhood Tuesday night.

According to report, police were dispatched near N Youngs Boulevard and NW 16th Street after receiving a disturbance call from a woman saying a man was pounding on her front door and screaming.

When police arrived at the scene, they saw a green Ford F-150 parked with the hazard lights on and a passenger inside. The suspect identified as 39-year-old Alford Hilton was standing in the middle of the road with his hands in the air, officials said.

When officers approached Hilton, he turned and looked at the surrounding buildings and said, “It’s destroyed”.

Hilton was described to have a dazed appearance with droopy eyelids and the smell of acetone on his breath, indicating the presence of phencyclidine officials said.

Report states Hilton told officers his truck and the entire block were destroyed, when everything was fine. Officials said it was clear Hilton was hallucinating.

While Hilton was escorted to the patrol car, he explained that he was concerned about the weather and was trying to get everyone out of their homes. 

Officers found a vial of PCP in the front passenger floorboard of the truck that was wrapped in a latex glove. A strong odor of acetone came from the vials, officials said.

Police spoke with four victims who said similar things about Hilton banging on their homes and and hollering that the block was destroyed and for them to get out. A victim’s stated that Hilton beat their whole front door open.

Police initially transported Hilton to the Oklahoma County Jail where he underwent a medical screening. During the screening Hilton told police, “I was just, like panicking man, I was just knockin’ on that door,” he continued, “I was high. I smoked dope. PCP. That’s why I put it in park. I put my hazards on.”

Officials said Hilton’s blood pressure was high, and he had to be medically cleared at a hospital. He was transported to Southwest Medical Center but refused to be treated by the medical staff.

Hilton was transported back to the Oklahoma County Jail and booked without incident.

Police said the passenger inside Hilton’s truck, 29-year-old Michael Lowry, was also high on PCP and arrested at the scene.