OKLAHOMA CITY - Less than two weeks after a woman was mauled by a pack of pit bulls, neighbors in another Oklahoma City community say they're being terrorized too. But they say the city is doing nothing to help.

Neighbors on Northeast Success Street say they were afraid to leave their homes Wednesday morning, because two pit bulls had a long, bloody fight on a lawn. Neighbors say it wasn’t the first time, and say the city isn't helping.

"A whole bunch of pits just around here everywhere just running wild,” said neighbor Justin Albritton.

The dogs are dangerous. Neighbors say they've seen the pits chasing people and carrying the remains of neighborhood pets.

“I've seen that dog take a cat and store it over there and then the next morning come and grab it and take it back there over in that corner.  Me and my neighbor seen it with a Chihuahua in its mouth,” said Albritton. “They were out here fighting earlier."

It happened in Gloria Jackson's front yard. 

"I've talked to 911 like four times, they've been switching me from different person to different person. They told me to call, ask for a supervisor.  I was on hold for almost 20-minutes because they said that they were busy,” said Jackson.

When News 9 arrived, Animal Welfare was there but the officer didn't seize any dogs and didn't even bother to talk with Jackson.

"They don't care because when I've called before, even last year when a dog was chasing a lady down the street. No one ever came. No one. So, animal control sucks to me,” said Jackson. 

When asked if she could file a complaint to have the dogs removed, Jackson replied, “Oh yes I would. In a heartbeat."

Animal Welfare says the officer didn't see the dogs running loose. But a News 9 crew drove around for just a few minutes and spotted one, the same one that was fighting in Jackson’s front lawn.

"It's definitely something we can look at. Like I said typically if we don't feel like the call has been resolved then we will do that,” said Jon Gary of OKC Animal Welfare.

The City says it's up to the caller to explain they want to have the dogs seized; it's not up to the officer to tell the caller that's an option.

Neighbors say that doesn’t make sense.

"I am a tax paying citizen and I am a homeowner and I feel like I shouldn't have to go through this,” Jackson said.