OKLAHOMA CITY - Wednesday, a little girl with special needs got a big surprise. She got a car for her birthday and the ride was designed just for her.

Kori Mack just turned four. She was born with a rare birth condition that contracted her muscles and joints. Twenty percent of kids born with her condition don't survive the first year, but it hasn't slowed down Kori one bit.

“God gave her gifts that a lot of us take for granted and missed out on,” said Maurice Mack, Kori’s father. “But through her we were able to see exactly what we have, what she has and how it all works together.”

Now the brand new fully modified pink convertible will allow her to take that independence to a whole new level, thanks to some aspiring engineers from Dove Science Academy.

Instead of using foot pedals to make the car go, Kori uses a huge button on the steering wheel.

“We changed the wires from where the acceleration was to the wheel,” explained Luis Rodas, a Dove student.

“You don’t have to put that much force on the push button to use it,” added Jalen Green.

They also added some additional safety equipment, and a remote control an adult can use to control the vehicle.

“It lets her get that sense of independence and enjoyment from an everyday toy that every other child gets as well,” said Kori’s mother Brittany Mack.

She’s assured Kori will stay in the fast lane for another year.