OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man is behind bars after police find him walking the streets of a metro neighborhood nude and high.  

A witness called police after watching DeAngelo Thomas, 35, act strange in the front yard of a vacant home near Northeast 44th Street and Martin Luther King Avenue.

The witness first noticed something unusual at the vacant home on Sunday night. She told police Thomas broke into the home through the front door and then took to the streets wearing only his underwear and socks.

Thomas's unusual behavior escalated the following evening and the witness called 911.

“The caller actually indicated the man was walking around completely nude,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department.

The witness told police Thomas appeared to be "posing" in the grass and on the mattresses piled in the front yard. He then approached the neighbor's child while she was riding a hoverboard. The girl ran away terrified and left the hoverboard behind.

When officers showed up, they found Thomas walking around nude and smoking a cigarette. They quickly determined what was causing his unusual actions.

“It appeared he was under the influence of PCP,” said Knight. “Officers could not only smell that on him but when they checked the vacant house he had just come out of, they also found PCP inside that residence.”

Thomas was arrested on multiple complaints including two counts of indecent exposure, breaking and entering, public drunk and robbery by force or fear.

Thomas is in the Oklahoma County Jail on a $127,500 bond.