GARFIELD COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Corporation Commission's oil and gas conservation division has issued a directive to reduce oil and gas wastewater disposal well volumes in Garfield County, according to the agency.

Due to recent earthquake activity in the Covington/Douglas area, all average daily volumes of Arbuckle disposal wells within 10 miles of the earthquake activity will be reduced by another 20 percent.

The agency said operators of the wells in the area that have reduced their depth to avoid injecting too close to the basement rock will be required to verify the well's bottom hole plug integrity.

The directive applies to 23 active disposal wells and the total daily average reduction will be 11,226 barrels a day. This will be in addition to past directives.

According to OCC, researchers are in broad agreement that disposal into the Arbuckle formation in Oklahoma poses the largest potential risk for induced seismicity.