SEMINOLE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A man is dead after being shot multiple times by law enforcement after a chase Sunday afternoon.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents returned to the scene Monday as the medical examiner works to identify the man.

The OSBI is now investigating if the shooting was justified. Eight officers from five different agencies were on the scene when the OSBI says a man pointed an AR-15 out his window.

Police say it started when two people called 911 saying the man was driving erratically. One person called and reported they thought they saw the man fighting with someone inside the truck.

“The second caller stayed on the line until they got to Stroud and a Stroud police officer took up a pursuit and the caller backed off at that time,” said Agent Steve Tanner with the OSBI.

As the pursuit continued several law enforcement agencies joined in until a Highway patrol trooper was able to force the driver into a ditch. Agent Tanner says officers tried to negotiate with the driver and fired pepper balls first before the man pointed the rifle outside his window and officers started shooting. 

Agent Tanner says they found about 90 shell casings on the scene.

“You got to kind of understand what’s going on in each individual officer’s head at the time,” Agent Tanner explained. “They really don’t know what the other officer is going to do, they don’t know what the other officer has seen or not seen. With all of the shooting it’s not an unusual occurrence for that to happen.”

No officers were hurt. Officers on the scene say there is no indication anyone else was in the vehicle.