SEMINOLE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Police shot and killed a man in Seminole county after officers said he pointed a gun at them after a pursuit. 

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is looking into the matter after police shot the suspect dozens, maybe hundreds of times.

Police said the suspect was spotted beating a woman in his pick up truck in Prague. 

Officials found the suspect and chased him to highway 377 in Seminole.  A police car hit his truck, knocking him off the road and into the bushes. 

Witnesses said police negotiated with the man for about 45 minutes.

"Yeah. They did. They did. They were talking about pepperballs or something like that. They negotiated a while." Said witness Chad McKee.

But at some point those negotiations broke down and police said the suspect pointed a rifle at them, so officers from several agencies opened fire, some with fully automatic weapons. 

"I heard the sirens and then after that probably 45 minutes later I heard just pop pop pop pop pop.  Just poppin. I guess that was gunfire or whatever," said McKee.

Police said no one else was in the suspects pick up, and the suspect was killed when police opened fire. 

Police are not releasing the suspects name until next of kin are notified.