THE VILLAGE, Oklahoma - Dash camera footage from the Village Police Department shows a pursuit that ended in the arrests of three car burglary suspects.

Investigators said they received dozens of reports of car burglaries late last month. On April 27, a citizen reportedly caught the suspects in the act and called police.

They did not stop for the officer and led him on a chase.

The suspects’ tires blew out and they reportedly took off on foot. But authorities caught up to them near NW 63rd and Meridian.

Police arrested 18-year-olds Dakota Rogers, Tanner Webb and a juvenile. Police said it was the same juvenile they’d just filed charges on the week prior in connection with other car break-ins.

“These people were booked into facilities and we haven’t had, I don’t think, one report since then,” said Deputy Chief Russ Landon. “Unfortunately, they’ve bonded out. We hope they’ve learned their lesson and they won’t be back, but we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Police found all kinds of property from car burglaries in the suspect vehicle.

Three guns were recovered and have since been returned to the owners.

Police are asking any other potential victims who may be missing property to give them a call at (405) 751-9564