OKLAHOMA CITY - Dozens of Oklahoma City officers will be awarded Friday for their bravery and community service.

Three officers made a big difference for a metro family through their quick actions.

The three officers were only a mile away when they received a “trouble unknown” call. Little did they know it would result in each of them receiving a lifesaving award.

They didn't know the situation inside the home, until they saw a 41-year-old man on the bed.

Fire crews and EMSA were still about 10 minutes away, so they jumped into action, each performing CPR while the man's wife and two children stood by.  

Once paramedics arrived, the officers left the home not knowing if the man survived.

Until, they got a “Thank You” card. Inside the card was a heart and handwritten message from a thankful 7-year-old girl. Her father survived a heart attack thanks to their quick actions.

They also learned the man is back home and healthy.

It's not often officers know the outcome of medical situations, and they certainly don't expect awards if they had a hand in saving someone's life.

“It’s not about metal or gratification or anything like that to any of us. It drives home that feeling of purpose in what we do,” said MSgt. Todd Hodges.