OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City Police Department is awarding officers for going above and beyond on the job, sometimes risking their lives to help citizens.

An officer was on patrol when he noticed a citizen struggling to mow her lawn. He stopped to offer her assistance.

“Whatever we can do to help a citizen in need, that’s what we signed up for,” said Sergeant Adam Rogers.

And that’s what Sgt. Rogers did on a blistering August day last year. To make matters worse, the task at hand looked daunting.

Sgt. Rogers put his patrol duties aside to help the citizen out of the weeds.

“She was sweating, looked like she was upset, so I got out and started mowing her grass,” said Sgt. Rogers.

He said a city bus stopped across the street and the passengers were taking photos of a police officer in uniform, doing something out of the ordinary.

“Hopefully, that gave them a little different outlook on you know, what a police officer does. We’re not just tied to taking bad people to jail. We do a lot of different stuff,” he said.

That act of kindness will never be forgotten by a citizen in need.

And to Sgt. Roger's surprise, it earned him an Oklahoma City Police Department service award for going above and beyond.

“I love my job and I love this city,” he said.